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The AceD team has been working dilligently to make AceD easily accessible to all (gamers, streamers, developers, investors and traders). Our goal is to make AceD available with Fiat, eliminating the extra step of having to purchase BTC first. For those members of our community in the Great White North (Canada), we are working on having the capability of buying AceD using Bank or Email transfers. Stay tuned!


CoinExchange.io is an online altcoin exchange focused on ease of use, security and customer support. Their mission is to become a pillar in the online crypto currency market place. TOP 100 exchange by Volume.


Cryptobridge is a decentralized exchange where all transactions occur on a blockchain. This allows for greater security and privacy. Anonymity is a core value of AceD so we are excited to move forward with this listing!

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AceD is a decentralized cryptocurrency
that uses peer-to-peer technology to
operate with no central activity or banks.
We are now launching AceD Streaming
for people who love gaming and want
to earn AceD through games